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Our Favorite 25th Anniversary Gifts

Celebrating your 25th anniversary—also known as the \”silver jubilee\”—is a huge accomplishment. You\’ve committed yourself to each other and your marriage for over two decades, and now it\’s time to celebrate. But finding the perfect gift to mark this relationship milestone can be challenging, so we\’re here to help. We rounded up 30 25th anniversary gifts for him, her or them. With everything from unique on-theme picks (like a set of silver silk pajamas) to thoughtful alternative gifts (like a professional photoshoot), we\’ve got gifts for every kind of couple. Cutting out time and stress from gift shopping means you can focus on celebrating your anniversary together (the most important part of the milestone).

What is the 25th anniversary gift?

The traditional and modern 25th anniversary gifts are actually the same: silver. To celebrate the silver jubilee, we rounded up everything from jewelry to art to home decor. No matter what your partner (or the couple) likes, we\’ve got something for everyone.

25th Anniversary Gifts for Him

If you\’d rather not lean into the silver theme, we\’ve got you covered. Here are five unique 25th anniversary gift ideas he\’ll actually like.

Choose your favorite picture of the two of you and have it printed on a large piece of paper. The pretty poster will bring a smile to his face.

If he\’s interested in wine, here\’s a 25th anniversary gift he\’ll love. Gift him two months of Winc, a wine delivery service that curates bottles based on his preferences.

Replace his go-to pajama set with this luxe set. They\’re made of modal, so they\’re extremely soft. (Psst: they\’re loved by influencers everywhere).

25 years of marriage is definitely a reason to treat him to a luxurious gift. Consider this handsome watch, which is equal parts classic and modern.

Give him a memorable experience for a 25-year anniversary gift. Use PlacePass to choose a fun activity you can both do in the area (or on your next trip).

25th Anniversary Gifts for Her

Shopping for the special lady in your life can be a challenge—especially when it comes to finding the perfect 25th anniversary gift. Here are some of our favorite picks that will make her smile.

Book a professional photo shoot for her with Flytographer to celebrate this relationship milestone. It\’s a fun activity and you\’ll be able to enjoy the pictures for years to come.

Get your partner something as sweet as she is. Pick up this pretty cake stand and order a cake to celebrate (we love Milk Bar and Goldbelly).

Surprise her with the ultimate picnic date with the help of this personalized wine carrier that folds out into a mini table.

Upgrade her go-to purse with this sleek crossbody. It\’s just big enough to fit all of her essentials, which means it won\’t feel heavy on her shoulder.

You\’ll both love this creative 25th anniversary gift. The smart ionic technology will dry her hair in less time and make much less noise (plus it\’ll leave her hair looking and feeling healthier).

25th Anniversary Gifts for Them

What do you get a couple that\’s been together for so many years? Check out our list of creative and thoughtful 25th anniversary gifts.

We love the idea of art for a 25-year anniversary gift because the couple can enjoy it for years to come. This print features both of their names in a creative \”intersection\” design.

If the couple loves to travel, they\’ll appreciate this 25th anniversary gift. Upgrade their luggage with this set, which is durable, lightweight and stylish.

Help them improve their home cooking skills by giving them a membership to Justice For All. The pass includes four weeks of step-by-step online culinary tutorials, detailed grocery lists, and access to the Justice For All members-only Facebook group.

These hanging planters will allow them to fill their house with plants without having to sacrifice any previous floor or counter space. Plus, the neutral colors will match any home style.

Still can\’t find the right gift for the couple? Consider giving them a membership to Italic, an online marketplace that sells all kinds of items (apparel, kitchenware, home goods) with no upcharge.

Silver Anniversary Gifts for Him

Good news: the 25th anniversary theme (silver) provides you with many options when it comes to what to get the special guy in your life. See our favorite picks below.

Jewelry isn\’t just for her. Consider gifting him this sleek silver chain.

Cufflinks are for special occasions, which is what makes them a great 25th anniversary gift. Gift him these classic sterling silver ones and use them as an excuse to get dressed up for a date night. You can also get them engraved for an ultra-personal touch.

Here\’s a creative 25-year anniversary gift idea. Select your first dance song or his favorite song and have it made into art. It\’s a unique decoration that will make him smile.

Choose your all-time favorite picture of the two of you and place it in this gorgeous silver frame.

This stainless steel barbecue set is both on-theme (note the silver color) and practical. He can use it the next time you host an outdoor party.

Silver Anniversary Gifts for Her

Lean into the silver anniversary theme and give her one of these unique and thoughtful picks.

Silver jewelry is a fantastic 25th anniversary gift. We love the eternity design on this pretty ring, which communicates that your love is forever.

There\’s a reason this set is a best-seller. Upgrade her pajamas with this washable silk set (which comes in on-theme silver).

Go the sentimental route for your 25th anniversary gift. Have your wedding vows made into a pretty piece of silver art to commemorate the relationship milestone.

Elevate her sleeping situation with this luxe silk sleep mask. Buy it in the silver color as a thoughtful nod to your 25th anniversary.

If your partner loves to host social gatherings, this tray is a great 25-year anniversary gift. The unique rope pattern makes it suitable for both casual and formal affairs.

Silver Anniversary Gifts for Them

If you\’re searching for an on-theme 25th anniversary gift for a couple, we\’ve got five creative ideas that they\’ll absolutely love.

Choose the location of their first date, proposal, wedding or home for this thoughtful gift. It turns coordinates into a beautiful and sentimental work of art.

Here\’s a unique spin on the 25th anniversary theme. A silver pothos plant is both thoughtful and useful (it cleans the air by removing formaldehyde, xylene, and benzene).

You can never go wrong with a good-smelling candle. This best-selling scent comes in a pretty silver jar, which makes it a perfect 25th anniversary gift.

Help them toast to this exciting relationship milestone. Send them a bottle of champagne (via an alcohol delivery service like Drizly) and pair it with this lovely silver ice bucket.

A juicer is likely the one kitchen appliance they haven\’t gotten for themselves. Give them this silver one so they can enjoy fresh-pressed juice whenever they want (mimosa, anyone?).


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