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29 Gifts to Give the Husband Who Has Everything for the Holidays and Beyond

Picking out a great gift for your husband is easy if he happens to need something (think: a new phone or grooming tools) or if he\’s been dropping hints about the latest gadget or video game. But what happens when you need a gift for the husband who has everything already? If he\’s been keeping schtum about what he wants (and all of his favorite things are in good shape), it\’s totally normal to feel stumped. Lucky for you, we\’re pretty good at coming up with out-of-the-box ideas. Below, we\’re sharing all the best gifts for the husband who has everything that\’ll work for any occasion—Christmas, his birthday, and your anniversary included. 

Want a little extra advice before you get started? In order to find the perfect gift for your spouse, give a little thought to their daily routine. Does he start each day with a hot cup of joe? In that case, a gourmet coffee subscription is the perfect companion to his shiny coffee machine. Are his Sunday mornings spent on the golf course? While he might have plenty of golf balls and clubs lying around, he probably doesn\’t have any personalized with his monogram. When it comes to the husband who has everything, focus on how you can improve or add to the things he already has (and loves). 

Ready to start shopping? Keep reading for 29 editor-approved gift ideas for the husband who has everything. There\’s enough inspiration here to last you a long time, from the holidays right through to Valentine\’s Day, his birthday, and beyond. 

For the Meat Lover

Help him take his love for bacon to the next level with a crate full of the stuff in delicious jerky form. This unexpected gift box includes bacon peanut brittle, hot pepper bacon jam, bourbon bacon seasoning, and two different types of bacon jerky—it\’s basically a meat lover\’s dream. Before your husband gets to the goodies, he has to undergo the challenge of opening the crate with an included crowbar. It\’s an excellent holiday or birthday gift for the husband who has everything (except ample opportunities to show off his strength).  

For the Amateur Mixologist

How about giving your S.O. the gift of a cool new skill? Sign your hubby up for a virtual mixology class where he\’ll learn how to make two amazing smoked cocktails from a highly skilled Brooklyn-based bartender. You can gift the activity on its own or throw in his very own smoking cloche. (And if making cocktails isn\’t really his thing, there are plenty of other unique experiences to choose from.)

For Your Relationship

If you\’re looking for Christmas gift ideas for the husband who has everything, The Adventure Challenge just released an awesome new edition designed for use in the bedroom. This relationship-building book is filled with 50 scratch-off activities to help you connect with each other in an intimate way. Plus, it\’s approved by a certified sex coach. Get an extra 10% off with our code WW10 through the end of 2022.

For the Guy Who Likes Gadgets That Multitask

While your partner probably already has a lamp for their office or workshop, we can guarantee that it\’s not as cool as this one. This genius device works double duty as a lamp and a Bluetooth speaker (and that\’s not to mention the cool lantern design). The LED light can be dimmed to create the perfect ambiance, and the lamp and speaker can both be used simultaneously for up to seven hours before recharging. 

For the Star Wars Obsessed

Does your husband have a travel mug? How about a water canteen? Or a stemless wine tumbler? Even if the answer to all of these questions is yes, we still think you should consider getting him something from this cool Star Wars x Corkcicle collection. There are eight different designs in honor of the 40th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, with inspiration from characters like C-3PO, Darth Vader, and Luke Skywalker. Trust us, he\’ll be the envy of all his friends when they see him sipping from one of these bad boys.

For At-Home Lounging (Or Working)

While you\’re considering what to get for the husband who has everything, don\’t rule out clothing. His old loungewear has nothing on these luxe silk PJs. Made up of a ridiculously soft tee and shorts, it\’s the kind of set he\’ll never want to take off. In case that\’s not enough to convince you, they\’re also thermoregulating, machine washable, and pretty darn stylish. 

For the Adventurer

Buying a Christmas gift for the husband who has everything is even trickier in the midst of a global pandemic. If neither of you is ready to pack your bags just yet, that\’s okay—you can still give a travel-themed gift. Promise your spouse a trip \”once things return to normal-ish\” with this adorable DIY voucher. You can tuck an airline or hotel voucher underneath to seal the deal. 

For His Underwear Drawer

Sometimes the best gift for the husband who has everything is something you know he\’ll definitely use, like new underwear. Before you keep scrolling, hear us out—this isn\’t just any old pack of undies. It\’s an ongoing subscription that\’ll award him comfy new boxers in playful prints and colors every month. Who doesn\’t love the feeling of fresh underpants? 

For the Outdoorsman

Shopping for an explorer? If he loves camping, hiking, or otherwise immersing himself in the great outdoors, he\’ll appreciate this multi-functional flashlight. It\’s made from military-grade aluminum, has four different settings, and is chock full of survival essentials ranging from a compass to first aid supplies. In total, there\’s a whopping 70-plus pieces of outdoor gear stocked inside, so you can rest assured that he\’s ready for anything.

For the Indoorsman

This miniature fire pit is an incredibly popular present, and we\’ll tell you why. For starters, it makes camping out in the living room feel just a tad more authentic, your spouse can make s\’mores from the comfort of the couch, and it runs on clean-burning rubbing alcohol. It\’s hands down one of our favorite gift ideas for husbands who have everything.

For the Guy Who Reads the Paper Every Day

Commemorate any occasion with a reprint of the New York Times front page from that all-important day. Any avid newspaper reader will appreciate this incredibly unique gift. Your S.O. might just get emotional reading the headlines from the day he was born, the day you tied the knot, or even the day you met. It\’s an especially fitting anniversary or birthday gift idea for the husband who has everything. Bonus points if you get it framed so it\’s ready to display right away.

For the Basketball Fan

Experiential gifts are always a hit for those who already have everything they need. If you have a basketball fan on your hands, we know exactly what that experience should be: tickets to an NBA game. Browse the site to find out when and where his favorite team is playing next so you can surprise him with tickets. 

For the Guy Who Loves His Home State

At this point, you might be realizing that deciding what to buy your husband when he has everything actually isn\’t all that difficult when you think outside the box. Another thoughtful idea? These stunning handmade coffee mugs. Each one features a 3D representation of a different US state—all you have to do is pick out the one he calls home. It\’s even more meaningful if he moved away to be with you. 

For the Diehard Romantic

Speaking of meaningful presents, check out this one-of-a-kind art print. Whether you\’re looking for an anniversary or Valentine\’s Day gift for the husband who has everything, this unique piece of decor fits the bill. It consists of your wedding vows in beautiful letterpress calligraphy. You can choose between two different sizes and myriad frame options to add the perfect finishing touch. 

For the Number One Stan

Still not sure what to get the husband who has everything for his birthday or the holidays? A shoutout from his favorite celebrity will make his day (and maybe even his entire year). Check out Cameo to see if any of his idols are on the site, then commission a custom video message just for your husband. There are lots of actors, athletes, musicians, and more to choose from, so you\’re bound to find someone he knows and loves. 

For the Foodie

When it comes to Hanukkah or Christmas gifts for the husband who has everything, food is always a hit. It\’s something he can enjoy right away, and it won\’t take up precious space at home like other physical presents. Any spouse with a taste for high-quality beef will jump for joy at a subscription to Snake River Farms. He\’ll be treated to an assortment of melt-in-the-mouth Wagyu beef with every delivery (and if you\’re lucky, he might even share it with you).

For the Sentimental Type

This cool service lets you put together a custom montage for someone you love complete with a relevant theme, background music, and video recordings from friends and family. Once everyone has submitted their videos, you can reorder them to create a montage of sweet, personal messages for your other half. Send this unique gift to your husband who has everything to celebrate his birthday, a promotion, or your anniversary—there might even be (happy) tears. 

For the Self-Proclaimed Wine Connoisseur 

If he fancies himself something of a wine expert, encourage him to continue expanding his horizons with a subscription to Winc. Each month, your S.O. will receive a selection of vino tailored to his tastes with top-notch recommendations from the in-house team. 

For the Golfer

If your husband loves to play golf but already has everything short of his own personal golf course, we\’ve got you. This professional putting green will allow him to perfect his putt before that next game with the guys. He can set it up at home, in his office, or really anywhere with enough space for a 9.5-foot mat. A magnetic return mechanism brings the ball back so he can keep playing to his heart\’s content. Believe us when we say that this gift will be a hole in one.  

For the Guy Who\’s Always on His Feet

Your hubby may already have a stylish pair of boots. In fact, he might even have a cozy pair of slippers too—but does he have anything that can do both? These cleverly designed boots can withstand a little outdoor wear thanks to the sturdy rubber sole, but they boast all the comfort of a standard slipper. Basically, it means your spouse can pop to the shop (or run down the street after the delivery person) without having to overthink his footwear. (And we\’re not the only ones who think it\’s pretty genius—just check out those five-star reviews.)

For the Music Lover

Plenty of couples have a song that they\’ve claimed as their own, whether it\’s an oldie that played on the radio when they first started dating or the first dance song at their wedding. But what if you and your husband actually had your very own song? Songfinch allows you to buy just that, with plenty of opportunities to submit your preferences. You can choose your preferred genre, tempo, vocalist, and more to create the perfect ode to your other half. Spend a few minutes providing some background info on your relationship and the talented artists at Songfinch will take it from there.

For the Guy Who Can\’t Start His Day Without Coffee

Not sure what to give the man in your life who has everything this Christmas? A monthly delivery of coffee from around the world will instantly perk up his mornings. Alongside gourmet whole beans or ground coffee, he\’ll also receive a postcard representing the country of origin, tasting notes, and brewing recommendations. The chance to try something new is a gift that can be appreciated by anyone.

For the Whiskey Drinker

Why not pick up a bottle of your husband\’s favorite bourbon or scotch as a present? You can pair it with one of these cool rocks glasses custom-engraved with the map of his favorite city. It\’ll serve as a unique talking point the next time you have guests.

For the Guy Who Never Has Enough Socks

We\’ve mentioned an underwear subscription, now let us take it a step further with a subscription for—you guessed it—socks! Each month, he\’ll receive either two or three pairs of trendy new socks that\’ll add a pop of color to every outfit. That\’s a big step up from the typical pack he\’s probably received on holidays past. We think it\’s one of the best Christmas gifts for the husband who has everything. In fact, it might just knock his socks off (sorry, we had to). 

For the Happy Camper

Sometimes it pays to go down a slightly more unusual route, especially when you\’re shopping for someone who already has everything they need. This splurge-worthy camp chair is durable, comfortable, and comes with a bag so he can carry it until he\’s found the perfect sitting spot in the yard or on the go. There\’s also an attached cup holder so he can sit back, relax, and enjoy the outdoors with his favorite drink. 

For the Guy Who Loves a Craft Brew

Your husband might have all the craft beers in the world, but has he ever had the chance to make his own? This beer-brewing kit will serve as a fun activity he can do in his free time. The kit includes everything he needs to get started, such as hops, yeast, and a fermentation jug. 

For the Gym Goer

If your husband spends a lot of time working on his fitness, a miniature massage gun will go a long way. This smaller version of the Theragun has the same ultra-quiet motor, as well as three speed settings, an impressive battery life (150 minutes!), and a handy portable design. Trust us, he\’ll be glad you introduced him to this clever little device. 

For His Self-Care Routine

Need more proof that there\’s a perfect gift out there for the husband who has everything? Check out this ultra-cozy bathrobe. It\’s made with 100% fast-drying terry cotton that\’ll feel uh-mazing against his skin. This snug loungewear is a great way to encourage him to prioritize self-care and relaxation—a gift money can\’t buy.

For the Guy Who Hates Packing

Last but not least on our list of gifts for the spouse who has everything: packing cubes. If personalized and experiential presents just don\’t feel like the right choice for your husband, it\’s okay to go with something practical instead. At the end of the day, you know him best. Packing cells are a clever travel accessory that he probably wouldn\’t think to buy for himself, but that he\’ll really appreciate. Choose from six trendy hues for your favorite on-the-go guy.


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