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31 Wedding Photo Booth Props You Can Buy (or Print!) Right Now

If you’re including a photo booth as part of your reception festivities or guest book setup, don’t forget about the props! These wedding photo booth props, which can include signage, hats, sunglasses, and more, can liven up the mood inside the photo booth and add a fun touch to the snapshots—and they\’re quite affordable, too! We recommend displaying your props on a table next to your photo booth for easy access, and add some signage to remind your wedding guests to put them back when they\’re done! Ready to shop for your wedding photo booth props? Here\’s a variety of a props for every wedding reception style! 

1. Gold and sparkly 

If your wedding features a rose gold color scheme, these metallic photo booth props will be a picture perfect addition to those snapshots. 

2. Floral whimsy

Photo props can be pretty, rather than cheesy. Case in point: These pink, floral-adorned versions, which also work well as bachelorette party or bridal shower photo booth props. So chic!

3. Classic and traditional

Wondering if a photo booth will fit in at your more formal wedding? Absolutely! These props combine classic elegance with a touch of whimsy. 

4. Modern glam

For a glam-meets-contemporary feel, we love these party-ready stick props, which can do double (or triple!)-duty at an engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party, and more! Think about how much fun your wedding party will have when they grab these props on their way to the photo booth! 

5. Versatile photo frame

Another take on the wedding photo booth prop: the Polaroid-style frame! Guests simply hold up the frame and strike a pose! This simple, streamlined version emblazoned with the words \”best day ever\” will complement a variety of wedding decoration styles. 

6. Glittery shades

Whether you\’re hosting a summer wedding or just love a good pair of shades, these gold glitter \”I Do Crew\” sunglasses add a fun, glamorous touch to your wedding photo booth props. 

7. Greenery frame

This personalized selfie frame features your and your spouse\’s names, wedding date, and hashtag—plus a totally on-trend greenery motif. 

8. Selfie frame prop

Going the DIY photo booth route? This printable personalized picture frame is a fun prop to add to your assortment. Work with a local printing shop to print this frame out on a large piece of card stock or poster board for a durable and oh-so cute photo booth prop!

9. Rainbow accessories

Show off your pride on your big day with these rainbow-themed photo booth props. 

10. Face cutouts

Your guests will surely get a kick out of these face cutout photo booth props. Imagine all of the wacky ways your wedding party members will use these in their photos! 

11. Vintage chalkboard style 

We love the nostalgic feel of chalkboards, and these speech bubble and arrow props featuring some cheeky expressions certainly fit the bill! 

12. Oh-so dapper

These dapper photo booth props are ideal for weddings with two grooms. 

13. Rustic faux bois

If your wedding decor leans more rustic-chic, this personalized faux bois frame is a great addition to your photo booth.  

14. Something for everyone

Hosting a larger wedding? With 72 pieces, this wedding photo booth prop kit features everything you could possibly need, from speech bubbles to bow ties, rings, sunglasses, signage, and more. No matter how many guests fill your photo booth, everyone is sure to find a prop they\’ll love. 

15. Hats, wigs, and more

Part of the fun of stepping into a wedding photo booth is playing a little dress up. This kit features hats, wigs, gloves, masks, and more. These accessories can also serve as party favors at the end of the night. 

16. We\’ll be there for you.

Could there BE any more Friends-themed wedding photo booth props in this kit? Bring out your inner Phoebe or Joey with these cute accessories! 

17. Lovely lips

For some easy DIY photo booth props, these printable lips are so fun and unique. Simply print on card stock or posterboard, attach to wooden sticks, and you\’re good to go!

18. Sunglass chic

A few pairs of crazy sunglasses go a long way in livening up a wedding photo booth! Don\’t be surprised if these shades make their way to the dance floor by the end of the night!

19. Colorful boas

Glam up your photo booth by offering some brightly-hued feather boas—just imagine the bridal party photos featuring these as accessories! 

20. Rustic faux wood props

Your wedding photo booth props should complement your party decorations—and these faux wood speech bubbles are perfect for rustic-themed celebrations. 

21. Love balloons

Balloons make a fun addition to any wedding photo booth—and we particularly adore these cursive \”love\” versions that your guests can hold while posing for pics!

22. Contemporary chic

If you\’d prefer to go more minimalist with your photo booth setup, this black-and-white \”I do\” balloon is the perfect accessory.

23. LOL

These funny (and reversible!) props are sure to get your guests laughing as they hit the photo booth. 

24. Totally boho

We\’re very into the boho-chic vibes of these golden props, featuring such expressions as \”I\’m here for the cake\” and \”Crazy in love\”. 

25. Kraft paper glasses

Going for a more shabby chic wedding-day style? These \”best day ever\” kraft paper sunglasses make the perfect photo booth props/party favors. 

26. Custom wood signage

Looking for a photo booth prop that will also serve as a post-wedding keepsake? This wooden sign can be customized with the newlyweds\’ names and wedding date, and can be displayed throughout the wedding day—and beyond!

27. Tie em up

Add little flair to your wedding photo booth props with this collection of colorful bow ties and neckties. 

28. Festive confetti

Having your guests toss confetti in the photo booth adds a festive touch to the end results. Just make sure it\’s cool with your photo booth company/venue as confetti tends to make quite a mess. 

29. DIY chalkboard

Let your guests\’ imaginations run wild (but hopefully not too wild) by handing them this chalkboard speech bubble and a chalk marker pen. 

30. Speech bubble fun 

​These colorful speech bubble props will stand out in front of a more neutral photo booth backdrop.

31. Add your hashtag

Want your snapshots to be shared on social media? These custom wedding hashtag signs will remind your guests to tag those pics! 


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