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26 Anniversary Gift Ideas to Celebrate 10 Years of Marriage

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you’re about to celebrate your 10-year wedding anniversary. A decade of marriage is no small feat, so when the time comes to select a 10-year anniversary gift, we totally understand the importance of nailing it. Alternatively, if you\’re shopping for something to give friends or loved ones who are about to celebrate 10 years of marriage, finding the right gift for this very special occasion is just as important. After all, you want to select something that shows your partner (or the couple) just how much you cherish them. Either way, we’re here to help. Whether you\’re looking for a unique gift or something that honors the traditional symbol of this milestone (more on that in a second), these 10th wedding anniversary gift ideas are bound to put a smile on their face. 

What is the traditional 10-year anniversary gift?

Anyone celebrating their tenth anniversary is in good company. Tin and aluminum, which are the traditional symbols of the 10-year anniversary, represent strength, durability, and perseverance—in other words, relationship traits that have almost certainly been fine-tuned throughout a decade of marriage. When it comes to 10-year wedding anniversary gifts, metal jewelry and other items made of tin or aluminum are ways to embrace the traditional theme. 

Another symbol for the 10th year of marriage? Diamonds. This dazzling gemstone is the perfect gift if you\’re looking to splurge on something extra-special, whether it\’s diamond jewelry or a more interpretative take on diamonds, such as a sparkling crystal vase. Finally, if traditional gifts made of tin, aluminum, or diamonds aren\’t quite what you\’re looking for, consider choosing a gift inspired by silver, the 10th anniversary color, or daffodils, the 10th anniversary flower. 

The Best 10-Year Anniversary Gifts

No matter who you\’re surprising, there are plenty of thoughtful and creative ideas to choose from when you\’re shopping for a 10th wedding anniversary gift. We\’ve done some of the work for you by rounding up a mix of our favorites, including traditional tin and aluminum anniversary gifts, modern options, and other ideas that anyone would love. Shop our 10-year anniversary gifts below.  

1. First dance song art

Relive the romance of your first dance and wedding day by surprising your spouse with this decorative sheet music art. You can customize the canvas either with or without lyrics, and choose from eight different sizes depending on where the art will be displayed. 

2. Tin coffee mug

This practical 10-year anniversary gift uses a play on words to honor the special occasion. The front of the metal mug reads, \”Happy Tin Years\” (a nod to the traditional 10th anniversary gift), while the back of the mug is customizable with two names and a wedding date. 

3. Stainless steel pots

Splurge on new cookware for your partner or any couple who loves to spend time in the kitchen. This six-piece gift set includes two pots, two sauté pans, and two lids that can be used interchangeably with the collection. The gleaming stainless steel pots are dishwasher-safe, stackable, and finished with gorgeous copper handles. To make this a personalized gift, you can add optional engraving to the lids.  

4. Cozy cashmere robe

If you\’re shopping for someone who\’s an unabashed homebody, they\’ll love this incredibly soft robe made of 100% cashmere. It\’s a simple piece that adds a whole lot of luxury to downtime and Netflix marathons. 

5. Sound wave poster

This tin sound wave wall hanging is an excellent 10-year anniversary gift if you\’re looking for ideas that are truly one-of-a-kind. The poster showcases the sound waves of a voice message, your spouse\’s favorite song, or any other sound bite of your choosing—plus, the gift includes a QR code that will play the actual sound clip when scanned with a smartphone camera. The artwork is finished with your names and wedding date across the bottom. 

6. Engraved champagne flutes

Featuring an etched tree bark pattern and a pair of initials inside a heart, these champagne flutes are a thoughtful keepsake gift for the couple who loves rustic farmhouse style. The glasses are made by hand in Tennessee, so no two are alike. Include a nice bottle of sparkling wine to complete this gift.  

7. Custom photo book

After 10 years (or more!) together, you\’ve likely accumulated countless photos and selfies. Compile them in a custom photo book so you can enjoy them together anytime you\’re feeling sentimental—you might even relive some special memories you had forgotten about! 

8. Apple Watch

If your partner loves gadgets, fitness trackers, or staying connected to their phone, there\’s no better time to splurge on the latest Apple Watch than your 10-year anniversary. The watch has an aluminum casing and woven silver mesh band for a flash of style. 

9. Bottle opener key chains

We love these cute keychains as a sweet and simple 10-year anniversary gift idea for a couple. Not only are they made from aluminum, but the cutouts form a heart when placed side by side.

10. Flower delivery subscription

Shopping for someone who already has everything? Treat them to a flower subscription to brighten their day on a regular basis. Choose from weekly, biweekly, or monthly arrangements for up to 12 deliveries. 

11. Initial diamond necklace

Pavé diamonds adorn this classic initial pendant that would make a great option for a ten year anniversary gift. If you share a last name, opt for the first letter as a sweet nod to your decade of marriage so far.

12. Leather dopp kit

A nice dopp kit is always a great gift, no matter the occasion. This lovely leather kit makes a practical 10-year anniversary gift for people who travel frequently. The bag is available in three different leather colors—whiskey leather, dark brown, and black—and can be personalized if you choose. 

13. Relationship milestone art

Here’s a gift that’ll certainly be close to your loved one\’s heart. This romantic gift lists the most important dates you’ve shared together—consider including major relationship milestones such as the day you first met, the date of your engagement, your wedding day, and the birth of children (furbabies count too!).  

14. Bar tool set

This professional-grade bar tool set is an excellent 10th wedding anniversary gift for novice mixologists and experienced at-home cocktail makers alike. The set includes a shaker and jigger, strainer, muddler, bar knife, and cutting board, so all you need to do is supply the ingredients. 

15. Diamond-shaped wine glasses

These stemless diamond-shaped wine glasses are the perfect companion gift to the bar tool set above. They’re stylish enough for whiskey, wine or anything in between, and they\’re a great way to celebrate a 10-year wedding anniversary if real diamonds are a bit out of your budget. 

16. Suitcase and packing cubes

Whether you\’re heading out on a 10-year anniversary trip or simply want to treat your spouse to a new set of luggage, this carry-on suitcase is one they\’ll use again and again for years to come. It includes four packing cubes (which you can customize with a monogram) and is available in six colorways. 

17. Dainty gold necklace

If your partner loves flowers, this delicate necklace features a daffodil, which is the traditional tenth anniversary flower. The pendant is available in silver, gold vermeil, rose gold, 14-karat yellow gold, or a white gold finish to match the rest of their jewelry.  

18. Diamond ring

Who says diamond rings are only for proposals? This micropavé diamond band is one of the best anniversary gifts if you\’re looking for something really special to commemorate 10 years of marriage. Although it\’s petite on its own, it will add an extra hint of sparkle when paired with an engagement ring stack. 

19. Aluminum anniversary art

Aluminum is one of the most traditional gifts for a 10-year anniversary, but it\’s not necessarily the most romantic or stylish. This personalized art makes aluminum actually look chic, thanks to the custom embossing, shadowbox frame, and three metal colors to choose from.    

20. Tin of cookies

When in doubt, a tin of celebratory treats is always an appreciated gift. Surprise your spouse or the lovebirds with a delivery of these assorted cookies, which come individually wrapped and presented in a decorative (and reusable) pink and white tin featuring Milk Bar\’s iconic logo. 

21. Sterling silver cufflinks 

If it has been a while since your partner treated themselves to new accessories, these sterling silver cufflinks are a worthy investment as a 10-year anniversary gift. Turn them into keepsake pieces by adding engraving to the timeless design. 

22. Recycled can wall art

The letters in this colorful work of art are made from recycled aluminum cans—but you wouldn’t know it just by looking. It\’s an incredibly unique way to add color to the recipient\’s home decor. 

23. Monthly coffee subscription

Coffee lovers will be thrilled to receive this shipment of java every month. Each subscription box includes freshly roasted coffee beans, along with a card explaining the origin of that month\’s coffee and how to brew it. It\’s the perfect gift for anyone who loves trying new things.  

24. Diamond and glass decanter

A quartz and diamond-filled vial is the pièce de résistance for this glass decanter. The diamonds, along with clear quartz, are said to purify and improve the taste of liquids through natural vibration and energy. Even better? This decanter is a total conversation piece when it\’s on display at home. 

25. Customized sun dial

This adorable sundial makes a perfect 10-year wedding anniversary gift. It’s available with lots of different personalization options, including a matching stand. Handcrafted of the highest quality brass, and with tons of five-star customer reviews, these sundials are a great way to show that you believe the couple’s love stands the test of time. 

26. License plate wall hanging

Check the box on the traditional gift of aluminum with this unique ten year anniversary gift: a wedding-date mash-up of license plates from different states. Another plus? It’s a great way to ensure they\’ll never forget your anniversary.


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